“Mr. Baysore has done a wonderful job for our family in a definite time of need. He is extremely accountable and has kept us informed in every step of the process.”

– Connie R.



“Scott has worked hard to make sure that my financial life is in order and that my needs are met. He is attentive, friendly, and just a great guy to work with.”

– Colby A.



“I am so very happy that Frank Baysore was recommended to me. I feel that he is both honest and caring.  I am confident that his decisions are in the best interest of his clients.”

– Karen C.



I don’t know what we would have done without you. Your help means the world to me!”

– Billie W.


“Frank is a great person to work with, cares deeply for clients and is responsive to the dynamics of the individual situation.”

– Kate Silburn, O’dell and Silburn, LLC


“Frank and I work together as conservator and guardian supporting various clients.  Frank is personable, very competent and ethical which are all important characteristics in the type of projects we work on together.”


– Pamela Wilson, Owner, The Care Navigator, Inc., Caregiving Expert and Educator.