Benefits of Working with Baysore and Christian


Personalized Attention.
We are a small firm and work with our clients directly to take care of their needs.

Professional and Life Experience.
We both have years of experience in business

before becoming fiduciaries. We have extensive experience: deaths of loved ones, disabled family members, etc.

Access to Specialists.
We have a wealth of professional colleagues that we work with, including elder law and estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, CPA’s, etc.

State of the Art Business Tools.
We use software specifically designed for fiduciary

services and can accurately track all of our clients financial affairs from the simplest of situations to the most complex.

Assurance of Continuity.
We are a full service office and coordinate our efforts

to ensure our clients are taken care of at all times.

Frank Baysore


Scott Christian


Frank has been a professional fiduciary since 2005. During that period he has had numerous assignments as agent under power of attorney, conservator, personal representative and representative payee. He serves as a board member of the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities, and the Guardianship Alliance of Colorado. He also is a member of the Arapahoe County Adult Protective Services Review Team, and is a Certified National Guardian through the National Center for Guardianship Certification. Frank is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Scott entered the professional fiduciary world in 2012. His 30 year business career, mostly in executive management roles has prepared him to handle the most complex of cases. Scott’s career history includes: banking, public accounting, nationwide multi-plant industrial operations, real estate lending, resort real estate development, and commercial real estate. Scott is a two time graduate of the University of Kansas with both a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree in Business Administration.

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